Tuesday , September 2,2014

Windows 7 32-bit More Than 4GB RAM Enable


Windows 7 32-bit version operating system only supports 4gb of RAM. If you insert more than 4gb RAM in your system then it’ll show around 4gb. Many people like to install 32-bit version instead of 64-bit, because it supports some old version software. One of my friend question me, “How to increase the RAM size of windows?&... Read More »

Getting Started with a Blog for Money

Getting Started with a Blog for Money

How to getting started with a Blog for Money? Accept me or not, it is these days acknowledged as work, or off and on again you can say an approach to win some extra bucks. To me it’s a sort of side interest that I appreciate doing. As you’re perusing this post, I can hypothesize that you’re eager to have a blog of yourself. Cool... Read More »

How to Operate Mouse Cursor using Keyboard

How to Operate Mouse Curser using Keyboard

The computer cursor is controlled by the mouse. Then how to operate mouse cursor using keyboard? You may find this useful once your mouse pointer freezes in between functioning on some necessary documents or disconnect from computer. Typically owing to some harmful viruses in your system the cursor stops operating suddenly or begi... Read More »

Imagenomic Noiseware 5 Photoshop Plugin

Imagenomic Noiseware 5 Photoshop Plugin

My friend is working on a photo studio. In there I know about Imagenomic Noiseware 5 Photoshop Plugin. It is an amazing tool that I have ever seen. Using it you can remove the noise of a photo within a second. This is very effective for those, whose have photo workshop. Imagenomic Noiseware 5 is on the market separately as a standalone... Read More »

Send Files Faster from Android with Fast File Transfer

Send Files Faster from Android with Fast File Transfer

To transfer a file like music, video or a presentation from your mobile you must use Bluetooth or a data cable. In case of a big file it’ll take too much time to transfer and nobody wants to wait that much time. In the age of fast Wi-Fi, why should you use physical medium or Bluetooth for a slow transfer? Using Fast File Transfer you can send... Read More »

Reduce Call Rates on Airtel 50p/min Free

Reduce Call Rates on Airtel

Bharati Airtel is a big and reliable network of India. To reduce call rates on Airtel, you must have to recharge a rate cutter plan on it. But today I’ll tell you how to reduce your call rates free of cost. May be this is an offer from Airtel, but I found it from internet and tested on my own number. How to Active Free Rate cutter 1) In your Airt... Read More »

Get Thousands of Backlinks Free for your Blog

Get Thousands of Free Backlinks for your Blog

Do you know the importance of Backlinks? Backlink plays an important role when it comes to website reputation, because a huge number of traffic comes from it. Today I am going to share you how to get thousands of Backlinks free for your blog. Get 2500+ Backlinks Free With IMT website you can get 2500+ Backlinks. Don’t close the page unt... Read More »

Create Amazing Animated Videos and Presentations Online

Create Amazing Animated Video and Presentation Online

Every student, teacher, employee knows the value of a good presentation. There are thousands of interesting and unique ways to provide a presentation with the utilization of technology. If you new in presentation world and want to impress others with your amazing work, then what to do? Powtoon is a free online tool that enables you to... Read More »

How to Crash Your Computer in a Second

How to Crash Your Computer in a Second

Really no one wants to crash his own system by a method or trick. If you want to crash your computer or your enemy’s computer then you can follow these steps. This is a simple batch program using notepad and very harmful for windows based computer. So, be careful before trying this. Crash your Computer 1) Open Notepad in your comput... Read More »

AVG Internet Security 2014 with 1 year Free Activation

AVG Internet Security 2014

Free antivirus doesn’t provide a feature like pro. If you are using Internet banking or online transition everyday then you must need Internet security. AVG is one of the most popular and worldwide used antivirus over the past few years. Now AVG is providing free promotional offers for it users. AVG Internet security 2014 is ty... Read More »

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